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  • Let me begin by quoting the legendary Francis Bacon: "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man"

    STAR Conferences strives to spread knowledge and create amazing platforms for like-minded professionals to explore themselves while interacting with their colleagues in real-time and today is a very special day in the diminutive yet significant existence of Conference.

    STAR Conferences (Scientists Talk About Research) is extremely passionate in 3C’s, Creating, Connections and Conversions among research scientists and researchers as leading experts to integrate B2B businesses among individuals, and companies to connect, communicate, cultivate, and convert research ideas elegantly and efficiently for human mankind.

  • Create, build and execute cutting edge research talks to maintain "Top-of-mind" awareness.

    Connections among individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to create and build a strong steady stream of leads, prospects and sales.

    Conversions build out and grow highly-targeted campaigns that keep their brand and awareness with potential clients.


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May 24-25, Toronto, Canada


May 24-25, Toronto, Canada


May 21-22, Los Angeles, USA

Blockchain & Bitcoin 2018

May 24-25, Toronto, Canada

Blockchain & Bitcoin 2018

May 24-25, Toronto, Canada


March 29-30, 2019, TOKYO, JAPAN

Conference was good. I found very interesting projects presenting its work and some of them also focused on transforming our social bonds and looking to unleash the social value hindered in our societies Keep developing these type of conferences, enhancing them and making better. I think you guys are in the right path


I loved presenting my project and would enjoy the possibility of presenting again. One of the organizers invited me to present in Costa Rica
If there's another opportunity, I would love to present again


I liked the conference in Toronto. Yes, it’s a pleasure to participate again


We enjoyed the conference very much! We understand the A.I. Industry is very small right now. We also appreciate your organizations diversity, allowing for diverse insights from around the world. Would be more than happy to collaborate again

Ean Mikale

Hello, the experience was very good, from the adventure of leaving my country, to know the angels and learn, much, to discover that other worlds of the robotics and that I am still far from where I want to be, that I must learn more, and it was all a challenge to follow, I came very happy, to be with people who love their work and know a lot, is to admire

Abiud Ademir Bermudez Aguilar

Our Speakers

STAR Conferences brings in talented pool of speakers around the world to our conferences and let them meet peers with same passion and share their passion to rest of the community.

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STAR Conferences promotes the ongoing endeavor to narrow the competency and performance gaps that exist within technology & health care professionals through convenient, high-quality lifelong learning opportunities. Individual activities focus on maintaining, developing, or increasing the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of clinicians to provide effective diagnostic, treatment, and long-term care of patients with the goal of maximizing outcomes and quality of life.