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International Annual Summit on Women In Healthcare and Empowerment Expo

October 24 -25 , 2022

Chicago , USA










    Inspiring today's women opportunities and challenges to create tomorrow's incredible breakthroughs


    The International Annual Summit on Women In healthcare and Empowerment Expo is an interactive platform that enables industry leaders to exchange views, discuss policies and share experiences for women advancement and promote diversity & inclusiveness in workplace. It is a forum for like minded professionals both men and women who feel gender is an important organisational issue which impacts the profitability and overall health of institution and also impacts the social set up of a region.

    Women’s health is very important in all aspects of social, economic, and other aspects of the society because not only because women form more than 50 percent of the population but also for the development of the country. Experts suggest that worldwide financial and fundamental commitment to women’s health and Empowerment is needed in order to tackle existing issues.

    Women’s health is increasingly identified as a global health priority.

    Women’s health is affected by many factors, such as the economy, environment, society, culture, religion, and biology.

    The aim of this conference is to provide up-to-date information on different aspects of women’s health and Empowerment, including healthy ageing, non-communicable and communicable diseases, psycho-social aspects, health promotion, reproductive health, and nutrition, Gender Equity, Women in Leadership, Finally, the attending specialists and experts will provide recommendations to be put into practice which reinforced the recommendations for additional clinical preventive services for women, mobilizing health professionals within practice, education, and research to address the national health goals, encouraging the adoption of ongoing evidence-based prevention guidelines, gender-sensitive, and culturally appropriate, persuading all stakeholders to harmonize their endeavours on women’s health, changing the viewpoint to the women as a workforce alliance as with like men, along with considering the major role of women as the basis of the family, and improving the coverage, accessibility, and quality of women-oriented health services.


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