World Congress on Public Health & Safety

World Congress on Public Health & Safety

May 20 - 21, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Theme :   "Future Innovations & Advancements in Primary Health Care during Pre & Post COVID-19 Outbreak"


STAR Conferences extends our immense pleasure and honor to invite you to attend “World Congress on Public Health & Safety”, scheduled on May 20-21, 2021 in Toronto, Canada. It is focusing on the theme “Future Innovations & Advancements in Primary Health Care during Pre & Post COVID-19 Outbreak “Public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts of society. The goal of public health is the biologic, physical, and mental well-being of all members of society. Thus, unlike medicine, which focuses on the health of the individual patient, public health focuses on the health of the public in the aggregate. To achieve this broad, challenging goal, public health professionals engage in a wide range of functions involving biological sciences, technology, social sciences, and politics. Public health professionals utilize these functions to anticipate and prevent future problems, identify current problems, identify appropriate strategies to resolve these problems, implement these strategies, and finally, to evaluate their effectiveness. Keynote talks, plenary sessions, discussion panels, b2b Meetings, poster symposia, young researchers forum, Video Presentations, and Workshops.


Cancer pharmacology

Environmental Health Sciences


Adolescent Health

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

Environmental Health

Modern Public Health Practice

Social Determinants of Health

Nutritional Health

Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness

Mental Health and Mental Disorders

Healthcare-Associated Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Occupational Safety and Health

Educational and Community Based Programs

General Public Health

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Reproductive Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology

Epidemiology and Public Health

Obesity & Public Health

Reproductive Medicine & Women Health

Healthcare Associated Diseases

Healthcare & Hospital Management

Homeopathy & Public Health

Epidemiology and Antibiotic Resistance

Epidemiology and Cancers

Diabetes & Public Health

Public Health Systems Strengthening

Epidemiology and chronic diseases

Public Health Nursing & Pharmacology

Public Health and Dental Science

Public Health and Family Medicine

Fitness and Wellness

Public Health and Pediatrics

Public Health and Oncology

Cardiology& Hypertension

Health Economics

Primary Healthcare

Emergency Healthcare Medicine

Primary Home Care

Global Primary Care

Healthcare Management

Public Health and Primary Healthcare

Clinical microbiology

Patient safety and quality

Prevention methods

Neurology and Public Health

Dental & Oral Health

Global Public Health

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)

Tourism & hospitality

Respiratory protection Injuries & diseases

HIV/AIDS Health care & social services

Public Health Vaccines and Vaccinations

Public health and medicines

Public health cosmetics

Veterinary public health

Surgery and Global health

Health Information Technology (IT) & Management Systems

Healthcare Software Systems

Health care delivery

Health policy and management

Public Health Leadership and Management systems

Heat Exhaustion and Safety

Silica Dust and Protection

Healthcare and herbal medicine

Public health Anatomy

Public health and Virology

Industrial Safety System

Anatomy & Physiology

Medicinal Chemistry & Sciences

Big Data

Telemedicine and Digital Health

Pharmacology and Nanotechnology

Radiology and Public health

Gastroenterology and Public health

Transportation Safety

Environmental Organisations

Emergency Management and Planning


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