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STAR RISE Magazine is the ONLY Magazine dedicated to enhance Speakers, Public, Coaches, Industry Experts, and Academia etc. to address their achievements, challenges, novel ideas, untold and unmet stories. We publish magazines first of its kind to public professionals, Inspiration stories, Great Influencers unlike other celebrity magazines. We publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals and their personal hurdles. The white pages are the pages that we publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals, or biography provided to us with proper designed templates.

About the Issue

Desziree Richardson is an award winning world visionary pioneer, with engaging more love, empathy, humility, and concordance. The magazine pages describe Desziree Richardson significant achievements in women's strengthening as a suspected pioneer, groundbreaking and powerful orator, and fashionista. Desziree Richardson encounters her voice as a vehicle and an instrument for change and to enable, recuperate, spur, and assist with changing lives into a really satisfying existence of adoration, graciousness, harmony, wealth, and acknowledgment through my award of innovative activities, intentionally plan for women's strengthening enthusiasm and soul reason. Desziree Richardson work is to contact a more extensive crowd to affect the existences of each human life, to make a positive change through the Women of Heart Foundation, Face of Woha, and Women of Heart Awards, and elevate and impact others emphatically through her design brands.



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