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STAR RISE Magazine is the ONLY Magazine dedicated to enhance Speakers, Public, Coaches, Industry Experts, and Academia etc. to address their achievements, challenges, novel ideas, untold and unmet stories. We publish magazines first of its kind to public professionals, Inspiration stories, Great Influencers unlike other celebrity magazines. We publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals and their personal hurdles. The white pages are the pages that we publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals, or biography provided to us with proper designed templates.

About the Issue

As a coach, Donna clients will be looking to find more in their life and prepared to venture out of their comfort zone to find it. Donna works with individuals, business owners and businesses and their teams to transform their current results. Donna provides coaching for 6 months or 12 months and hypnotherapy break through sessions for clients who feel blocked from moving forward. Using the Universal laws, law of attraction and previous programming, together to locate the things that have held them back, sometimes for years or their whole life. Tapping into a deeper connection with who they are and what they truly want in life, we connect them to a deeper side of themselves and bring out the suppression of emotions, confidence, feelings, expression through their voice and more. In Donna coaching, Donna see clients being the transformation sometimes almost immediately and Donna use proven tools and techniques to ensure they make the breakthroughs they are looking for to increase their results in both their personal and professional lives. Identifying limiting beliefs, fears and more is what we do best and Donna goal is to reach as many people as possible to give them the best of themselves every day. Donna vision is to create 100 Millionaires and provide a service to Donna clients that keep them wanting to grow, transform, leap forwards, believe in themselves and remove all DIS-EASE caused through all their previously suppressed emotions and feelings. Donna mission is to help those who want to create more in their life through Donna online programs, where Donna connect with them every week to ensure they reach all their goals and continue to work with the root cause of their challenges and obstacles and not provide a band aid solution.



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