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STAR RISE Magazine is the ONLY Magazine dedicated to enhance Speakers, Public, Coaches, Industry Experts, and Academia etc. to address their achievements, challenges, novel ideas, untold and unmet stories. We publish magazines first of its kind to public professionals, Inspiration stories, Great Influencers unlike other celebrity magazines. We publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals and their personal hurdles. The white pages are the pages that we publish your content, achievements, challenges, goals, or biography provided to us with proper designed templates.

About the Issue

Being a woman in technology leadership, Sharissa struggled in several areas of her career. She was always comparing herself to others, not feeling good enough, and pushing herself too hard and not as focused as she should have been on aligning her career to what was right for her. The result of this was feeling completely depleted, heading quickly towards burnout, and simply not feeling fulfilled. It was around this time in her career that she discovered coaching. This completely changed her life! Sharissa finally was able to uncover her blind spots, get clarity on what was right for her, and had the courage to take inspired action towards a more fulfilling career. A big part of this journey was her faith. She felt led to pursue coaching and she is on a mission to not have anyone stay in the place of feeling stuck and overwhelmed like she was. A few years ago, Sharissa was inspired to write an article that was published in Forbes entitled ‘The Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace’. That article started to quickly gain momentum and was shared and liked by many organizations and individuals. It also led to other opportunities for her like taking that message to the TEDx stage where she presented on the same topic. She is passionate about bringing joy back into the workplace and it starts with us as individuals understanding how we can play our part. Sharissa is a certified global leadership and executive coach with an MBA, MSc in Technology Leadership, and PCC Certification (500+ coaching hrs.), in addition to 15+ years of corporate leadership experience and coaching several Fortune 100 leaders. In addition to being a TEDx speaker and a writer for Forbes and the Huffington Post, she's also a member of Forbes Coaches Council, an author, and a worldwide featured Key note speaker. She has several years of experience in assisting pioneers in drawing their qualities, check their esteem, and have the option to bring out the most incredible in others all while having a good time, fun, being fulfilled, and not burning out! She's ready to masterfully assist them with exploring their vulnerable sides while flourishing in their zone of a virtuoso to take their profession and administration to a next higher level that fundamentally affects themselves, their groups, and their associations. Sharissa incorporates pioneers and leaders at various organizations like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Harpo Studios Inc., Bank of America, Mars Wrigley, Gilead Sciences, Intuit, Victoria's Secret, US Bank, Ameriprise Financial, Nestle, among others.



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