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STAR Conferences is extremely passionate in 3C’s, Creating, Connections and Conversions among research scientists and researchers as leading experts to integrate B2B businesses among individuals, and companies to connect, communicate, cultivate, and convert research ideas elegantly and efficiently for human mankind.

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World Technology Forum

Exploring the frontiers of innovation: Join the World Technology Forum and dive into the cutting-edge world of technology advancements, breakthroughs, and digital transformation. Connect with industry leaders, visionaries, and disruptors shaping the future. Discover the latest trends, collaborate on groundbreaking ideas, and be part of the global conversation driving technological progress for a better tomorrow

Proudly organized by STAR Conferences in the cities across North America, Europe and Asia. World Technology Forum is two day event that brings together 100's of leaders around the globe to speak, learn and network with passionate minds like you.

Forum Tracks

Artificial Intelligence

Most influential life machines

Choice of algorithm for machine learning

Supervised vs. unsupervised machine learning

Reinforcing algorithms in machine learning

Deep learning in machine learning and artificial neural networks

Model-free and model-based reinforcement learning algorithms

Reinforcement learning: single vs. multi-agent

Social robots' interactions with humans?

Natural language processing: chatbots

Role of natural language processing in producing natural language

Natural language processing vs. machine learning

Artificial intelligence in computer vision

Computer vision application: autonomous cars

Recommender systems: content-based recommendation vs. collaborative filtering

Internet of things & artificial intelligence: the interconnection

Data handling in Internet of things (IoT) devices

Educational Technology

Computer-supported collaborative learning and cooperative work

Communities of learners and communities of practice

Teaching techniques and strategies for digital learning

AI in education

Data-driven decision making in education

Game-based and simulation-based learning

Technology-enhanced orchestration of learning

Remote and virtual labs

Cybersecurity in Education: Protecting Learners and Educational Institutions

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality

Serious games, simulations, and 3D virtual worlds

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality

Serious games, simulations, and 3D virtual worlds

Interactive, context-aware, personalized, and adaptive learning systems

Visualization techniques and dashboards

Learning analytics

Computer Science

Unveiling the Connection between Virtual Reality and Human Perception

Computer-Assisted Learning and its Impact on Teaching and Learning"

Advancements in Computer Science and Modeling Techniques

Blockchain and AI for Algorithmic Regulations

Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Services

Influence of Machine Architecture on Software Performance

Innovations and Best Practices in Multi-Core and Distributed Computing

Advancements in Mesh Generation for Computational Domains

Strategies and Techniques for Efficient Data Storage and Retrieval

Sensor Networks vs. Cyber-Physical Systems

Advancements in Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Exploring the Evolution of Systems Programming Languages

Game Theory and Network Economics

Computational Thinking and its Impact on Science

Theoretical Computer Science in Functional Analysis

Efficient Cryptographic Protocols

Software Security Types, Best Practices, and Emerging Trends

Strategies, Technologies, and Approaches to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Challenges and Solutions in Numerical Computing

Transportation Technologies

Exploring the Challenges and Solutions of Self-Driving Cars

Electric vs. Hybrid Cars: Comparative Analysis of Eco-Friendly Transportation Options

Protection of Smart Car: Strategies and Technologies to Prevent Car Hijacking

Next-Generation GPS Devices

Personal Transportation Pods

High-Speed Rail Networks in Japan

Cell Phones and Driving: Assessing the Risks and Solutions for Safer Transportation

The Impact of Electric Cars on Transportation

Gyroscopes for Public Transportation

Electric Trucks for Logistics and Supply Chain Management"

Understanding the Ban on Electric Scooters in Some Cities in 2018

Carbon Fiber in Unit Load Devices

Advanced Transportation Management Systems

Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Roadways

Blockchain Applications in the Transportation Industry

Freight Check-In: Overview of Technologies and Solutions for Efficient Cargo Management

Artificial Intelligence in Delivery Companies

Water-Fueled Cars

Managing Curb Space with Monitoring Systems


STAR Conference always bring you best conference experience by organizing at most wished places. We don't make any exceptions this time either. STAR Conferences partnering with MGM Grand Hotel of Las Vegas to bring you to the wonderful place on the earth.

MGM Grand Hotel

MGM Grand Conference Center
3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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